The Baguio Vacation Apartments are alternative accommodations for family vacations located within the Baguio Pines Garden Villas Subdivision, right at the heart of Baguio City.


   An atmosphere of beauty and tranquility surrounds the spacious Baguio Vacation Apartments, blessed with scenic views, a daily view of the majestic sunset and Baguio’s cozy fogs.


   Today, all over the world, there is a trend for budget airlines and accommodations.  They offer the basic and minimum services, trimming the frills at the most reasonable price.


   For the same price as a hotel room, the Baguio Vacation Apartment offers more……..featuring unique holiday villas and self catering vacation apartments where the whole family can have a home away from home….. cooking and  sharing family activities together.


This is what the fully furnished Baguio Vacation Apartments have to offer…….all basic necessities.

  • Bedrooms (2 or 3 rooms per apartment)

  • Living room

  • Kitchen

  • Full furnishings

  • Bed linens (except towels)

  • Sky Cable TV

  • Spacious Parking area

  • Balcony/Terrace

  • 24-hour hot and cold shower

  • Toilet and bath (1 or 2 per unit)

  • Clean facilities

  • 24-hour security

  • 24-hour  Officer of the day on duty

These are the “frills” that the Baguio Vacation Apartments does not offer:

  • cleaning personnel once occupied

  • desk clerks

  • bell boy or concierge services

  • restaurants

  • telephone in the rooms

  • extra towels

  • car/bus shuttle from Session Road