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Baguio Vacation Apartments

28 Muñoz  Drive, Km.4, Circumferential Road, Baguio City

Mobile Number: 0918 - 939 5629 / 0917 - 5190713

Telefax: (074) 445 - 5546


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Pines Garden
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“Your home away from home”


Baguio Vacation Apartments is composed of two elegant buildings nestled on the beautiful hillside of Pines Garden Villas Subdivision.


There are two kinds of apartments available:

Two-Bedroom Apartments

Three -Bedroom Apartments.

The history and the fond memories of the real Baguio is felt when you stay in Baguio

Vacation Apartments. The antique Cordillera inspired interiors and wooden furniture stir

up a Filipino-Cultural feeling…. with doors that open to outdoor patios (terrace or Balcony)

with a breathtaking mountain view embraced by Baguio fog, and the majestic sunset

which one can view everyday.


Each room offers a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges and pine forests.

Units are also equipped with a refrigerator, hot and cold water lines.

Two Bedroom Three Bedroom